Organise classroom competitions

Divide your students into groups and organise a language contest for fun.
With our games you can organise many different language competitions. We support from one up to five different teams or players per game. You can set the number of rounds in order to make the contest longer or shorter. The result shows both points earned and percentage of correct answers for the winners.
You can also run a game for a single student to help improve their mark. You can also treat the whole class as one team and let them try to beat their own top score from the previous contest. Find more playing scenarios in the 'Dive in' section

Vision vision is focused on creating easy and functional vocabulary games for teaching and learning foreign language. We belive that both language teachers and students deserve to have fun during their lessons. Every child knows that fun and joy is good for learning. Language lessons does not have to be boring!

2900+ words in over 90 categories

Benefit from an extensive list of most frequently used English words
We have nearly three thousand basic words that every English learner should know. They represent the vocabulary used in over 90% of every English communication and are based on the New General Service List.
You can select groups of words from over 11 master categories and over 90 detailed subcategories, or select a thematic category or a part of speech. Words are selected randomly, so each game's word order and suggested answers will be different. Thanks to this approach, our language quizzes can be used for any lesson as they are not limited to just one, narrow list of words.


Games supporting language classes must be easy to start and play for all students with rules that are simple and easy to understand. With our games you can both organise a short break during the lesson or an extensive hours-long language contest in your school. We have already four different games you can use for playing.

Easy to start and play a game

We created functional classroom games that are simple to use and to play.
Game rules are simple and straightforward, and the navigation is functional and intuitive, giving you control over the topic and pace at which the game is played.
Our game really scales to the browser window so you can run them on any device with web browser and at least medium resolution: a PC, laptop or tablet. With our games and a video projector or HD TV set ,you can organise language contests even for the large classes or the entire schools. In most browsers you can switch "Full screen" mode to make the game leverage the entire screen.


Our word games for classroom need to follow a "batteries included" concept. That is why we have prepared for you both an extensive word base and various categories. You do not have to spend your evenings preparing content for your quizzes. Each game looks clean and contains only the elements needed for play, allowing your students to focus easily.