About English vocabulary games

GameLingua.com offers ESL / EFL English vocabulary games for language schools and teachers. Our vision and goal is to help teachers make their clasess more fun and engaging.

Modern students play a lot of games using their consoles, PCs and in the Internet. Game-based learning and language knowledge contests are they ways teachers can make lessons more interesting and interactive.

GameLingua.com games are Internet-based, it means that they are available an any time from any place and do not require installation. They are also simple and no complex rules learning is needed to play them. The size of the game board adapts to the device, so you can play the game both on tablets, laptops and High Definition screens, like TV attached to the computer. You can start our games in a minute and engage your students in ‘learning by playing’.

We believe in education technology and we believe in such technology that is helping the teachers, not replacing them. We think that guided learning usin technology is the way for 21st century language education. Modern English classrom can combine such elements as: experienced leader (teacher), students, social interactions and play tools, such as GameLingua.com games. These elements together can make the class more productive and fun at the same time. English lessons do not have to be boring, also words memorisation can be enjoyble.

Our games fit into the trend of ‘gamification’. Gamigication means using games for solving problems and improving productivity. In GameLingua.com we try to challenge and use the following facts:

(1) People (especially kids) learn better while playing, especially social playing. We all know that one of the reasons of attending the school is the fact that in that school kids can find a experienced staff (teachers) and colleagues. People tend to learn a lot at each other. We encourge you to follow this approach wit our ESL games

(2) It is difficult for teacher to manage whole class for an hour without giving the kids some fun. We believe we do not have to explain this to you :) This is also quite natural as sitting passively for one hour is neither goof for you nor for your studens. Use our games and let them be active during your class.

(3) A soft competition is a good way to encourage people to learn. Grades are hard competition, we offer the soft kind. Mix the teams every lesson, let the people compete and be praud of their knowledge, and their team results. The moment they start to think on learning more to win he next game, you and your students become a winners altogether.

(4) People learn better when they experience emotions. It is scientific fact that emotions help the brain to learn. We people tend to remember better facts that are somehow related personally to us and have been experienced by us in real life. Our games can make the difference as we change the identic list of words to be memorised into game and emotions. No more dull words memorization during the lesson.

(5) People prefer games that are neither to complex nor too easy. Our games contain the list of words from the A-B levels that everyone should know and have very easy rules and are easy to start. Thanks to it, no one in the class will feel excluded from game only cause he/she could not understood the rules fast enough.

Currently we have build four English vocabulary games :

  • “Word Guess” Game – game will challenge student with English definition and will give him four different English answers. One of them is correct.
  • “True or False” game – game will chalenge student with a word and definition that can be good or wrong. He must choose if the definition is correct or not.
  • “Native Translation” – game will challenge student with native language word and will ask for an English equivalent
  • “English Translation” – game will challenge student with English word and will ask for an native language equivalent.

More games will be created in the future.

GameLingua.com is private, hobby Internet project.

We hope you will enjoy our English lanuage games. Any feedback is welcomed and we will be happy to hear from you wat you like in our games and what you would like to improve.

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