We are here with our first ESL / EFL game!

We have started our vocabulary games for teaching English site in mid-2014 with the goal to help techers around the world make their lessons more exciting. We know that more and more schools have professional electronic devices such as beamers and PC-s with HD TV sets so we have created software that can use potential of these devices.

The ESL game idea is not new and we are sure many of you organised some”guess word” excercises during your lessons. We have also participated in such activities and that memory was also inspiration for creation of our game.

What is new and innovative in our game is putting together a few things than can make our games both enjoyable and helpful at the same time.

Firts, our Englis game is available around the world via  Internet. That is standard now, but please bear in mind that you do not need to possess any CD with software that you need to install on the PC in the classroom, that requires license key and the CD is anyway damaged and … You loose 15 mnutes, you class is already bored or startsto fight using paper balls.

Second, our English vocabulary game covers wide range of English words. We have used newgeneralservicelist.org to achieve this. This list already covers over 2900 most popular English words. On the top of it, we have added a structure of master categories and over 90 subcategories to help you choose best one for your current English lesson. We are aware you can find many English games in the Internet, but most of them focuses on one particular problem (counting, cuntries, animals etc). You will use a lot of time trying to test the and select the best for tomorrow English lesson.

Third, we believe that tools for English teachers should be both easy to use and functional. That is why our game scales with the screen. Elements are big and visible, so for example, having a laptop with a good beamer attached to it, or a interactive board, you can engage whole class into play, even if the class counts 20-30 students. Our game is also simple and based on the concept of selecting one correct word out of four answers given. No complex rules and no spending time on explaining students how they should play.

The games that are simple and can be played for fun an any time anywhere are called casual games. You can also call them “5 minute games” as this is usually the time to finish one round. So you can call our games the “casual games” for English language learning.

Our first game is based on the concept of  reading word definition and selecting one correct answer out of four answers given. The correct answer is marked in green and the wrong answer is marked with red. You can switch the sound effects on or off. Each team can track the current result and the total score on the status bar. At the end the game summary shows the winners and total scores for all the teams.

We plan to create more similar games n the future and give you more tools for your English ESL / EFL lessons.

We hope you will enjoy our first game!

Please send your questions, suggestions and ideas to improve our service to address: admin@gamelingua.com. We will apreciate any good feedback.


GameLingua.com team


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