Full screen gaming

English vocabulary games offering image that is clear, sharp and visible even from a large distance is definitely important for a classrom game. So is our game and this was part of our English game design from the very beginning. We believe it is important if teacher really wants to engage the whole English class into play – that everybody can see the game and participate in it.

If you want to tesh scalability of our game, just resize the browser window and see how the game adapts to the browser window. The game will scale to the screen the sam way on other devices, either with small screens like tablets or big screens like HD TV sets.

You can play our games on a variery of devices, assuimg they are equipped with Web browser.

  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • PC-s
  • HD TV sets
  • Computers with beamer
  • Interactive boards

You can turn the full screen mode on any moders browser and immerse into the game:

Browser How to go to full screen mode
Chrome Go to main menu, choose ‘View’ and then ‘Go to full screen’
Firefox Go to main menu, choose ‘View’ and then ‘Full screen mode’
Safari Go to main menu, choose ‘View’ and then ‘Full screen mode’
Internet Explorer Go to Options (top-right gear icon), then choose ‘File’ and ‘Full screen’

Click below to play