Game scenarios

There are many ways you can use our English vocabulary games during your class. We have some ideas ourselves but we are sure you can invent many more of them.

It would be ideally that for most of these English game scenarious you will use a video projector, a HD TV set attached to laptop or wide screen interactive board. This will assure all students in your class will be able to see the game. However, for a smaller class we believe even a 21 inch monitor will be good enough due cause our game can be displayed full screen. In most browsers you can achieve that by pressing F11.

Here are some example scenarios for you:

Scenario 1 – team competition:

Divide your students into several teams. Our games support up to 5 teams, so for example divide your 20 person class into 5 teams, 4 person each and assign each team a letter A, B, C, D, E. Then choose category and start the game. You can change the number of questions per team to make the game longer or shorter. Now you can organise a mini-contest between those teams. You can save scores on paper and repeat game using the same or new settings. After several games, sum up the scores and announce winner.

Scenario 2 – daily challenge:

Treat your whole classroom as one team. You can also select one team in our game, it will be a team A. Introduce a habit of playing our games at the beginning of each lesson in order to start your each class with joy. Save the scores on paper and encourage the class to beat their own last top score.

Scenario 3 – student bonus:

Select two students and promise bonus mark for a winner. Select two players in the game, they will become players A and B. Then ask students to play in front of the whole class as audience. Promis a rematch nexttime after they will spend some time on learning the topic.

Scenario 4 – improve mark:

Challenge a student that wants to improve his mark and ask him to play. Promise hat you will add him one grade in case he will answer correctly for 70% of questions in the game.

Scenario 5 – sport games:

Divide your students into several teams. Then ask everybody to stand up. For each round, the looser  will be asked to do some sport activity, like squat or slope.

Scenario 6 – no homework for winners:

Divide your students into several teams. Promise the winners a specil prize. The winner team will not be asked to do homework as the best educated team in class :)

Scenario 7 – select the next player:

Set game for one player. Start with any student.The student that will answer the game correctly, will be able to select another student for next round. The student that did not answer correctly, will be asked to answer next question until he will be correct.

As you can see, there are many ways to play our games. English lessons can be interesting and productive at the same time and we are here to help you with that.

We promise we will addd here more creative ideas for you English classes after we invent some new sceraios.

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