Why our games

This section is addressed to teachers and language schools. We explain here practical reasons and benefits of using our English vocabulary games in your school and English classes.

1. Save time and money

Preparing each English lessons require time and money. Of course, if you want to organise games for your students, you can do it with pen and paper, traidtional blackboard or print some flashcards on the printer. This will hovewer require considerable amount of time and time means money or means that you have to o this instead of doing something else, like preparing to next lessons. Our games have all elements needed to start them any time and without additional burden.

2. Be better than your competition

You are probably not the only English teacher or school in town. Use our games and market this on your posters, leaflets, WWW pages and social profiles. There is ahigh chance that potential studenst will choose your school instead of the other ones, as modern students prefer to learn using modern tools, such as language games.

3.  Attact more studens

There are many people belivin that learning lnaguage is hard ant they are bad at it. Prove them tha learning does not have to be difficult and can be actually fun. Tell them thay yu and your schol uses games for teaching English.

4. Loose less studens

People start to learn language for different reasons: some want to get better job, go abroad, their parents watn them to learn and so on. Many students will start to learn with you but some of them will abandon the school and will not sign up for the next course. The fact that you organise fun, enjoyable lessons with games and social playing will help you to reduce the abandonement rate. On the other hand, organising boring lessons with mere repetitions and dull excercises is a straigt way to loose your students.

5. Be effective

Lernin during playing is much more effective than just rote learning. This is due to scientifically proven fact that emotions help people to learn better, faster and remember the facts for a longer time. We are sre that you already know that – learning on the job is also more effective than reading any book. Learning through experience is also the natural way of learning for young children. More effective learning means better results of your students during independent tests and real life situations requiring usage of English language.

6. Make your teachers and students happy

Good language schools is the one that have good, happy teachers. Good English school  is also the one that has happy, well educated students. Our games will help you to achieve both goals.  There is no better way for a effective and fun English class that to organise some play during it. You will have it when you will see smiling faces of your teacher and students during class with GameLingua.com.

Six reasons to choose our games, no risk at all. Go to home page and press “Start” to launch your first EFL game.

Test our games and see yourself that it works! Tell other English teachers if you agree with us.


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