Words & categories

Our English vocabulary games words base consists of over 2900 most popular English words, grouped in over 90 categories.

As a word list base we have used a New General Service List (Browne, Culligan and Phillips) / CC BY 3.0 with some our extensions and modifications.

A New General Service List (NGSL) is the list of most frequently used English words. It covers over 90% of words used in English communication (writen or spoken). Knowledged of words on this list will help your students to communicate in most typical situations and understand most of the language used in texts, radio or TV shows. You can read more about NGSL on their web page: www.newgeneralservicelist.org

We have used NGSL list v 1.0 with definitions. We have introduced minor extensions and modifications to the list in order to adapt it to the character of our games. We have added some items such as: days of week, numbers, most popular names of countries and geographic locations (continents, ocenans). We have also shortened some definitions to make them fit better to the space in our games.

The category system is solely the work of GameLingua.com. Category names, structure and assigning words to a particular category has been done by GameLingua.com.

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